Online Payments

Before Paying Online

Be aware that pleading and paying online will constitute a conviction which may be reported on your driving record or your criminal record with the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Do not pay online if you want to keep a violation off your record. The only exception to this is if you have already entered into an agreement for deferred disposition at the Municipal Court Clerk's office.

Before making a payment online it may be to your advantage to contact the court to see if there are other options that would be helpful to you.


You may not pay online if:
  • You are requesting defensive driving, deferred disposition, teen court, or an extension of time to pay
  • You are requesting a compliance dismissal
  • You are charged with a tobacco violation
  • You are charged with an alcohol violation
  • You were younger than 17 on the date of any other offense
  • You wish to contest the charge
  • You want to post a cash bond
You may not pay online for a deferred disposition fee that is past due.

Pay Online

To continue with your online payment please visit the Grapevine Municipal Online Payment website.